Officine Cristallo designs and produces special bodyworks with cranes, aerial platforms, demountable systems for wastes and scraps, flatbeds, semi-trailers.

Assemblage, repairs and maintenance of

Winter equipment

We partner with important sector producers such as Schmidt, Giletta and Assaloni Officine Cristallo besides performing commercial services consisting in the design and application of hydraulic plant engineering and integrated electronics for the management of the winter equipment of vehicles.

Assemblage, repairs and maintenance of

Flatbed transport of operating machines

Designed for trucks, the TMO flatbeds are produced in the model for fixed or articulated assemblage with numerous accessories and customized items required by particular transport needs.

Assemblage, repairs and maintenance of

Demountable and interchangeable

For over 20 years OC has marketed its “MULTITRUCK,” interchangeable system throughout Europe. The modular feature of the system and the industrialization in production has enabled the company to develop a reliable and high-quality product.

Assemblage, repairs and maintenance of

Hydraulic cranes

The top hauling companies demand quality assemblages which OC is able to satisfy with accurate design, use of structural steel, high performance and well-tested oleo-dynamic components. It is a unique product in its genre in terms of weight and performance with post-sales assistance and boasts a fleet of over 500 vehicles under planned assistance programmes, a guarantee for those who plan their investments with an eye on management costs.

Assemblage, repairs and maintenance of

Body fittings

The various types of body fittings in aluminum are products OC has dealt with since 1980.

Assemblage, repairs and maintenance of


A unique product of its kind, it is for the integral use of high limit ribbed steel. Light and robust, the structures are highly appreciated for this “extreme” sector in which transport is done mostly Off-Road with elevated mass centering.

Assemblage, repairs and maintenance of


Reduced height of the load platform and high quality of the parts are the features of this product offered in two standard finishings for the Italian or Swiss market.

Assemblage, repairs and maintenance of

Fixed and tilting bodies

The racked structures with a reticular system give OC’s fixed body elevated robustness and flexibility with the control of the mass to support the residual capacity. Numerous oleo-dynamic solutions customize this product for the most varied transport needs. A real “custom fit” for the most demanding clients, along with an anti-corrosive treatment with top quality standards represent a product designed to have remarkably superior life cycles compared to the average standard products offered by the market.

Assemblage, repairs and maintenance of

Special assemblages

An aerial platform of the ARGO series for snow grooming machines, an interesting product for those who consider the snowcat an indispensable work vehicle.


Our technical office is able to follow all the vehicle servicing phases and will suggest the most suitable solutions. The installations are performed in compliance with the EC Machine Directive: the certification of products is done in-house, by the Technical Office.


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